Learning Objectives for This Course

What you will know and be able to do upon successful completeion

Understand the Inbound Marketing & Sales Philosophy, Methodology and Technology:

You’ll gain an understanding of how inbound marketing has evolved in the past 7-10 years. We’ll study today’s most compelling trends, disruptive technologies, shifts in consumer behavior, and some of the leading thinkers who are driving the revolution. As a part of this course, you will also complete the requirements to earn your Inbound Marketing Certification as well as gain experience in HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Suite!

Develop Inbound Marketing & Sales Habits:

You’ll develop real skills and work habits that you can apply in any internship or marketing job. We will immerse ourselves in persona research, creative development, blogging and offer creation, social media management, and email marketing and other online tools. You’ll gain hands on experience that will help you as you enter the professional world of marketing.

The class truely came in handy when I started working at RevLocal after graduation because I had all the background knowledge I needed on digital marketing. Thanks for making my first job experience a little easier!

Denisa Iacob Ohio University
College of Business Graduate '15

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Learn to Execute Campaigns Collaboratively:

By working in teams to complete marketing challenges, you will gain experience in planning and executing inbound marketing campaigns which will include measuring, reporting and presenting the results of your efforts.

Become a Certified and Accredited Inbound Marketer:

This course takes a flipped classroom approach to teaching digital marketing and sales, using educational media resources provide by HubSpot Academy. Upon successful completition of the course, each student be prepared to successfully pass the Inbound Marketing Certification exam and earn their certificate as a recognized and accredited Inbound Marketer.

At the end of my senior year, I wasn't excited about just being a photographer, and your class showed me my new passion. The experience, knowledge, resources, and help you gave me has been invaluable over the last year. Thank you for being a professor that truly cared about the success of his students, it has made a world of difference.


Nichole Kennelly Ohio University College of Business Graduate '15 Social Media Coordinator at Wilson Lighting

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